opening picture

opening picture

We will be meeting at the Extension Office at 9:00 on Thursday October 16.  Minersville and Milford youth can ride up to Beaver with Lori.  Meet at Lori's house at 8:30.  Bring money for lunch on Thursday and dinner on Saturday.  We will be stopping at the University Mall on the way home on Saturday.  If you have any questions call Lori at 435-421-1900.
Teen Leadership Retreat
Teen Leadership Training
Each year youth in grades 9 - 12 gather at Utah State University from around the state to develop leadership skills. Participants take part in a variety of fun and challenging activities designed to enhance their ability to lead in their clubs and communities.   This year participants will learn how to identify challenges and problems in their home communities and find ways to make a difference.

TLT 2014!
October 16-18th, 2014
Utah State University (Logan, UT)

Theme:  TRY Divergence
Teens Reaching Youth areas of focus

  • Healthy Living
  • Money Mentors
  • General Science
Youth prices: Starting at $112.00
Adult prices: Starting at $129.00

 We understand that some school districts no longer schedule days off during UEA.  We encourage the youth who still want to attend TLT to discuss with their parents whether it is appropriate to take time off from school to participate in TLT 2014.
Registration Deadline is October 3rd

Teen Leadership Training

Registration Now Open!
Please register through 4-H Online.

Contact your County Office with any questions at 438-6450
Registration Deadline is October 3rd

Create a Cook-Cooking Club

Teen Council Packing list for camp

Beaver County 4-H Camp
The Great 4-H Stampede

Beaver County 4-H Camp Counselor Tent Assignments.  

Each tent group will be responsible to arrange
for a tent and rides up and back from camp.

Girl Tent Assignments

Group 1:                                   Group 2:                                     Group 3:
Kylee Dotson                            Tyanna Gale                               Macayla Elwell
Loren Cox                                 Abby Harris                                Makendra Goff
Shelby Reynolds                       Janessa Yardley                         Olivia Clark
Emily Reynolds                         Emma Robinson                         Darbi Coombs
Sabrina Clark                             Madilynn Riley
Emily Cox

Group 4:                                    Group 5:                                   Group 6:
Tiera Goff                                  Jordan Collings                        Karri Harris
Angie Laird                               Lexy McCulley                         Ashlynn Bishop
                                               Jenni Riquelme                         Jaycee Webb
                                                                                             Cassidy Carter

Boy Tent Assignments

Group 1:                                       Group 2:                                 Group 3:
Logan Sattler                                Cayson Crum                         Clayton Smith
Josh Elwell                                   Blaze Gale                              Sam Smith

Dylan Dalton                                Brody Pollmann

Tenting by themselves:  Zach Laird, Jacob Webb, Bryant Wolden

4-H Camp 2014

The time has come to start planning camp.  Our first camp meeting is on Thursday May 1st at 7:00 at the Fair Building.  Both Jr. and Sr. Teen Council will be meeting together.

Before our meeting I need you to pick  two committees
you would like to serve on and why you want to be on that committee.

We will review the requests and assign committees that will best serve the needs.

Email me at by Monday April 22.

The committees are as follows:

1.  Flag ceremony:  Plan flag ceremonies for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.  Your committee will lead the American Pledge and 4-H Pledge, camp songs, thoughts or stories related to the theme.  Create excitement and friendship.

2.  Color group activities:  Plan 1 1/2 hours of activities for the color groups.  There will be 4 color groups this year and they will rotate around to four different activities within the time period.  The purpose for these activities is for the youth to become acquainted with each other and become acquainted with Teen Council.

3.  Service project:  This activity will take place on opening day from 7:00-8:00 p.m.  You will need to plan and execute a meaningful service project with the youth.

4.  Dance:  On opening night we will be having a dance from 8:00-9:30 p.m.  We have chosen a western theme this year and would like to do some line dancing.  You will need to arrange music, sound equipment and line dancing instructors.

5.  Craft workshop:  Plan a hands on craft that will keep the youth busy for 45 minutes.  You will lead the activity in four rounds of workshops.

6.  Cooking workshop:  Plan an outdoor cooking workshop.  You will lead the activity in four rounds of workshops.

7.  Survival workshop:  Plan a workshop that teaches outdoor survival.  You will lead the activity in four rounds of workshops.

8.  Skits:  Plan and execute two skits for camp.  A skit for opening ceremonies about camp rules and a skit for skit night.  Teen council members participate in these skits.

9.  Candle lighting ceremony:  Plan and execute the candle lighting ceremony which includes, bonfire, candles, speakers and song; this 4-h light of mine.

10.  Awards:  Plan and prepare camp awards.  Decide who gets the awards at camp and present awards at the awards ceremony.

11.  Decorations:  Plan decorations for 4-H camp.  Make decorations and put them up at camp

JYC Teen Leaders

Applications to be a JYC Teen Leader will be open via 4-H Online TUESDAY APRIL 1st, 2014 and will close on the deadline of THURSDAY MAY 1st, 2014. A State Selection Committee will then review the applications and choose the Teen Leaders.  4-H Online will then be opened to those teens that have been selected in order for them to register. 

If you have any question on how to register.  Call Sharol at the Extension Office at 438-6450.