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opening picture
When Alezander the Great arrived on the shores of Persia his army was overwhelmingly outnumbered. Yet he gave the orders to his men and said, "we go home in Persian ships, or we die". What followed was an astounding victory over an army that was in many ways superior. Win or die. Simple. There's nothing like burning your boats to focus your mind on one thing, and one thing only--success. It's extraordinary what we as leaders are capable of when we have no other option but to give our absolute best. That requires 100% commitment. Really trying won't do it. Giving it a shot won't either. Only 100%.
Beaver County 4-H Teen Council Meetings and Activities 2014-2015

September:  Applications Due
October 11:  Opening Social
November 13:  Teen Council Meeting at the Fair Building 7:00-8:30
December 4:  Service, Caroling for Cans.  Fair Building 6:30-8:30
January:  Skills Training for County Contests
January:  Talent County Contest
January 8:  Teen Council Meeting at the Fair Building 7:00-8:30
February:  Public Speaking and Demonstration County Contests
February:  Service, Random Act of Kindness
February 21:  Winter Activity
March:  Food County Contests
March:  Service, Make a Difference Day
March 5:  Teen Council Meeting at the Fair Building 7:00-8:30
April:  County Contests
April:  Service, Cookies for Policemen and Firefighters
April 16:  Teen Council Meeting at the Fair Building 7:00-8:30
May 7:   Teen Council Meeting at the Fair Building 7:00-8:30
June:  Final Camp meeting and River Run
June 23-25:  4-H Camp

Leadership positions avalible

Advisory Board 

The function of an advisory board is to offer assistance to the Teen Council Presidency.
Advisory boards are composed of highly motivated individuals that can offer advice and perspective.  They will meet with the Teen Council Presidency to plan and promote 4-H in Beaver County.

Their areas of responsibility other than offering council will be:
Portfolios (1)
Scorecards (1)
County Contests (1)

Committee Chairperson

The function of an committee chairperson is to take the lead of a committee to plan and facilitate an activity.

Activities that need chairpersons are:

1.  Rak Week, February
·        This is a new idea for us this year.  We could team up with the schools.  Committee will develop this idea

2.  Make a difference day
·        On Feb 29 of last year—Make a Difference Day—because this year we had an extra day, we wanted to make a difference.  We had all the school students bring 29 cents to school—we then gathered the $ and donated it to a local young man who has a rare liver disease.  Committee will develop this idea

3.  Make cookies for police and fire fighters

4.  Homemade valentine cards for long term care

5.  Activities for 5th and 6th grade youth

Teen Winter Retreat
Looking for some fun while building new personal skills? Join teens across the state at Teen Winter Retreat!!
This year the workshops will use Prepare, Enrich, Inspire for Teens curriculum by the Dibble Institute. The retreat will focus on sharpening self awareness, expectations, communication, conflict resolution, and success in relationships.
In addition to the amazing workshops come take part in the other fun activities such as cross country skiing, snowshoeing, etc.   
Application Deadline is December 15th and space is limited.
WHAT:  Teen Winter Retreat
WHO:  All 9th-12th graders
WHEN:  January 23, 2015 - January 24, 2015
WHERE:  Camp Kostopulos - Salt Lake City, Utah
COST:  $55 per person (includes all meals, lodging, activities and workshop supplies.) 

If you need any help registering call the Beaver County Extension Office at 438-6450

We will be meeting at the Extension Office at 9:00 on Thursday October 16.  Minersville and Milford youth can ride up to Beaver with Lori.  Meet at Lori's house at 8:30.  Bring money for lunch on Thursday and dinner on Saturday.  We will be stopping at the University Mall on the way home on Saturday.  If you have any questions call Lori at 435-421-1900.
Teen Leadership Retreat
Teen Leadership Training
Each year youth in grades 9 - 12 gather at Utah State University from around the state to develop leadership skills. Participants take part in a variety of fun and challenging activities designed to enhance their ability to lead in their clubs and communities.   This year participants will learn how to identify challenges and problems in their home communities and find ways to make a difference.

TLT 2014!
October 16-18th, 2014
Utah State University (Logan, UT)

Theme:  TRY Divergence
Teens Reaching Youth areas of focus

  • Healthy Living
  • Money Mentors
  • General Science
Youth prices: Starting at $112.00
Adult prices: Starting at $129.00

 We understand that some school districts no longer schedule days off during UEA.  We encourage the youth who still want to attend TLT to discuss with their parents whether it is appropriate to take time off from school to participate in TLT 2014.
Registration Deadline is October 3rd

Teen Leadership Training

Registration Now Open!
Please register through 4-H Online.

Contact your County Office with any questions at 438-6450
Registration Deadline is October 3rd

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